ATM Branding

Studies show ATM branding can increase transaction volume by as much as 20-40%, depending on the location.

Turn your ATM into a powerful marketing tool with affordable, customizable ATM branding packages. High-quality visual branding draws attention to the ATM helping to build transaction volume, increase fee income, and advertise products and services to new customers.


ATM Graphics and ATM Branding includes:

  • ATM Wraps
  • ATM Toppers
  • Custom-Designed Topper Inserts
  • Video Toppers
  • ATM Screen Graphics
  • Receipt Graphics
  • Coupons
  • ATM Decals
  • ATM Signage
  • Location Signage

4 Reasons to Brand Your ATM(s):


1. Increase Awareness & Attract New Customers
Branded ATMs stand out in the marketplace and instill confidence that there is a credible business standing behind the ATM transaction. Studies show that cardholders are more likely to use a machine branded with a financial institution’s name and logo — even if they do not normally do business with that particular financial institution.

2. Cost-Effective Solution to Market Products & Services
Compared to traditional advertising, ATM branding is extremely affordable and durable. Designed to last up to five years and placed on a machine in the community served by the financial institution, ATM wraps and toppers as part of a branding package are a cost-effective method for financial institutions to market their products and services.

3. Increase Revenue & Fee Income
Branding machines with a financial institutions name and logo help build fee income. ATM industry strategists report that branded ATMs do an average of 20-40 percent more transactions, depending on the location, than a non-branded ATM.

4. Comply with Regulatory Challenges
With lawsuits against financial institutions on the rise, ATM graphics toppers with fee notices built-in as part of a branding package are a great way to address regulatory issues. Unlike stickers that can be removed by customers or fall off due to wear and tear, toppers cannot be removed and don’t deteriorate over time.


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