ATM Branding: The Marketing Tactic Helping Credit Unions Increase Membership Revealed

ATMs FI Branded

According to a recent story picked up by Reuters and originally published in, credit unions are increasing membership by branding off-premise ATMs with “eye-catching, often wild-looking ATM wraps.”

Anthony Pili, VP of Sales & Marketing for Palisades Federal Credit Union, said they began wrapping their ATMs a year ago and have seen a huge payoff. He noted that while the average credit union experienced a 6.7% growth in membership during 2012, Palisades FCU saw a 12.5% growth.

He attributes much of this new membership to ATM branding.

First piloted by AOneATM, a South-Carolina based independent ATM deployer, in 2004, affordable ATM branding packages — which include colorful, high quality ATM wraps, custom on-screen messaging, and ATM and location signage — help financial institutions to:

  1.     Increase Awareness in the Community
  2.     Attract New Members / Customers
  3.     Increase Transaction & Fee Income
  4.     Promote Products & Services
  5.     Enhance SEG services
  6.     SEG acquisition tool

Designed to last for years, custom-designed ATM wraps using the EasyBrand™ system and innovative SharkSkin Technology™, a proprietary material developed specifically for branding ATMs and kiosks, are affordable and durable. And best of all you don’t need any special tools or training to install them — keeping your expenses low.


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