ATM Share Program | Multi-Branding Strategy

SmartNetwork is an ATM Share Strategy allowing banks and credit unions to share ATMs in the marketplace, which dramatically SmartNetwork, GB_1drives down their cost of ATM deployment.  By sharing the ATM, your customer base gets more touch points in the community at a fraction of the cost.  The bank and CU get their logos placed on the ATM, transaction screens and other onsite marketing.  This is a perfect way for small to mid-size FI’s to expand their ATM footprint in their geographic region.

SmartNetwork, GB_2In today’s business climate of increasing fees by the big banks, more consumers are switching to community banks and credit unions. This means smaller financial institutions are serving more customers spread out over a larger geographic region.

SmartNetwork allows smaller financial institutions to serve more customers over a larger area — where they may not have branches — by offering surcharge-free ATM transactions at 1,000s of convenient locations. With zero compliance responsibility, this easy to manage turn-key program also allows financial institutions to advertise their brand right at the ATM and provide their customers with a conveniently accessible service they will appreciate.



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