EMV at the ATM | What You Need to Know

October 2016!

EMV comes to the ATM. Need to know what you need to do to prepare? Call Heath ATM for all your EMV options!

EMV at the ATM | What You Need to Know | Heath ATM | NCWhy is this date important?
This is when Mastercard will shift liability for fraudulent non-EMV card ATM transactions.  Visa will follow suit in October 2017.

Who is going to be responsible?
YOU! This means that you ( ATM operators and merchants) will be liable for any fraudulent non-EMV transactions at your ATM(s) after the liability-shift date.
* Liability has already shifted for fraudulent activity by foreign issue cards.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Call us! Our knowledgeable staff here at Heath ATM  can help you with the your best option for upgrading your ATM(s) to EMV or transitioning to new EMV-compliant models.

When do I need to make the change to EMV?
Now! EMV upgrade kits, EMV-compliant ATMs and ATM technician availability will all get scarcer as the October 2016 deadline gets closer.

Where do I go to get EMV-compliant?
Heath ATM! We can help with all your ATM needs!


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