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3 Qualities to Look for In ATM Servicing

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Installing an ATM at your business location can help improve revenue by attracting business and making it easy for customers to pay with cash. To make the most of your investment, the machine needs to be available and working at all times. To achieve this, choose a quality provider with the following strengths.

How to Pick an ATM Company

1. Quality Brands

A well-made ATM is sturdy to prevent theft and accidental damage. It’s also well designed and programmed for a smooth customer experience and additional security that keeps it from crashing. Ask your company what brands of machines they offer and research them to find reviews of the equipment.

2. Comprehensive Service Plans

You need a provider who will not only service the machines regularly and restock the cash, but also one that’ll perform maintenance and repairs as part of your contract. Also, look for other services included with your plan or ones that are available as add-ons.

Some companies offer commissions on ATM transactions and online activity monitoring, as well as personalized branding and advertising on the machine to gain attention and increase revenue. Look for a provider who will offer comprehensive services tailored to your needs.

3. Speed

If your machine breaks down, you’ll need a fast response from your provider. This will shorten machine downtime and minimize how many customers you have to turn away. To start with, look for a company that’s available 24/7, or at least during your business hours. Ask them about their average response times for a broken ATM—the quicker, the better.

Ensure your customers have access to cash with an ATM from Heath ATM. Email or call us at (800) 849-3029 for a custom quote. Or take advantage of our free ATM placement program.


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