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5 Positive Benefits of Cash!

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in early 2020, the experts predicted it would spell the end of cash around the world. They were wrong. Today there is more cash in circulation than ever before.

Despite misinformation that handling cash could spread coronavirus - which was quickly dispelled - US consumers are carrying $20 more in cash on them than they did before the pandemic. The average consumer now caries $74, according to the Federal Reserve Diary of Payment Choice.

What are the Benefits of Cash?


Globally there are still many stores, restaurants and services where electronic payments aren’t accepted. Cash is the only universally accepted method of payment.


Cybercrime, including identity theft, is big business for criminals and one of the easiest ways to obtain consumer information is through electronic payment methods. So much so that 56% of Americans cite protection from data hacks as their top reason for using cash.

When a consumer pays with cash, they maintain autonomy, and their personal rights to privacy are maintained. With an electronic payment, there’s always a digital trail – something many Americans prefer to avoid.


When a natural disaster strikes or networks go down, all methods of electronic payments are lost. According to “during a crises, the demand for cash sharply rises. We trust real currency and it’s in almost every country’s top recommended emergency items.” With cash, the economy can continue despite a local, state or national crisis.


Unlike electronic methods of payment, cash can’t be hacked. And while counterfeit banknotes are sometimes found in circulation, it’s not very common and can easily be spotted with security built into currency.


All electronic payments come with a fee. Whether that fee is paid by the consumer at the point of sale or paid when money is transferred electronically through popular apps or passed onto the consumer in the form of higher prices on products or services, someone has to pay.

Providing Easy Access to Cash Benefits Your Business

The experts were wrong, obviously. The pandemic didn’t kill off cash. Cash is here to stay! And, savvy business owners know that offering easy cash access by having an ATM on-site can not only affect their bottom line in the form of recurring revenue but also provide a service customers want and have come to expect.

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