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5 Signs Your ATM Needs Repairs

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

An ATM simplifies banking, making it more efficient by eliminating the need for a human bank teller. If you have this machine on your business property, upkeep is needed to keep it functional. Watching out for potential problems and proactively tackling small issues will avoid a major breakdown. Here are a few common signs that your ATM needs maintenance.

Why Your ATM Needs Repairs

1. Broken Keyboard

Customers need to be able to use the keypad to enter important information like their PIN code. However, sometimes a button becomes stuck or broken. In other cases, the buttons may become so worn down with use that they are impossible to read.

2. Problems Printing Receipts

ATM users want records of their transactions in the form of receipts. These can show important information, like a bank account balance. Receipt dispensers can malfunction, for example, due to a paper jam or lack of printer ink.

3. Malfunctioning Card Reader

Bank and credit cards are read by the magnetic stripe on the back. This contains details about the card and its owner. The ATM needs to scan this data before it verifies transactions like a withdrawal. If the reader is unable to read the card, it may need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced completely.

4. Faulty Touch Screen

Modern ATM technology often relies on touch screens, which use software to operate. A lack of responsiveness could indicate a software glitch or even a virus. Such issues need to be addressed immediately—a virus, for example, could put customer’s sensitive financial information at risk.

5. Faulty Cash Dispenser

Getting cash is the main motivator for people to visit an ATM. If the dispenser fails to give out the right amount, or any cash at all, customers will quickly become frustrated. They may even file a claim against the owner for the amount that was taken from their account but not received.

If your ATM isn’t performing properly you may need a new service provider. Email or call us at (800) 849-3029 to ask about our FREE ATM placement program.


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