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What Businesses Need an ATM?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

An ATM is useful anywhere it’s placed since nearly everyone needs cash at some point. Many establishments benefit from setting one up to draw in customers. The following guide will help you see if you need an ATM at your place of business.

3 Businesses That Would Benefit From an ATM

1. Stores

When customers have cash in their hands, they’re more likely to spend it. For convenience stores or small shops that strategically place desirable items in areas where people tend to make impulse purchasing decisions, giving customers a chance to get cash can be highly profitable. Some businesses, like thrift stores, only accept cash, so having an ATM around is an indispensable investment.

2. Entertainment Venues

Carnivals, concerts, and sports games attract both customers and vendors who prefer dealing in cash for the sake of convenience and security. Also, customers often have to pay for parking to attend such events, and some parking lots will only take cash. By setting up an ATM on the premises or in the parking lots, you’ll help customers visit and spend money at your business.

3. Beauty Services

Companies that offer beauty services, like nail and hair salons, rely heavily on tips for profit. Customers with cash are more likely to tip. Since such companies also tend to sell products of their own, including shampoos, conditioners, oils, lotions, and other beauty tools, an ATM may inspire them to spend more at your establishment.

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