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What to Know About ATMs at Outdoor Events

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

From vendor arrangements to lighting and sound equipment, there are a variety of components involved in planning outdoor events. Yet, a crucial and often overlooked element is access to cash. Thankfully, ATMs can be brought in to ensure the satisfaction of all attendees and associated organizations. Here's a closer look at what you need to know about the process.

4 FAQ About ATMs at Outdoor Events

What are the benefits of having them?

One of the biggest draws of placing ATMs on-site is convenience. Many vendors only accept cash, and with a teller machine available, customers don't have to leave the event to access tangible currency. It also allows both customers and vendors to avoid credit card processing fees. Additionally, many placement programs give commissions to event hosts, which can boost profits.

Where should they be placed?

If possible, at least one ATM should sit near vendors. You can also utilize signage throughout the space to direct foot traffic toward the closest cash machine. Make sure it’s placed in a highly visible area to ward off any theft attempts.

What are the requirements?

The equipment relies on electricity to operate, but outlets aren’t always common in outdoor settings. If there aren't any electrical hookups available in your ideal area, use a generator to power the machine. Some machines require an internet connection, but many models are wireless compatible, so wired networks aren't needed.

How much money can they hold?

The total cash of each machine depends on the specific model, but standard options can hold up to around $200,000. The ATM distributor can work with you ahead of time to determine the number of machines needed to accommodate the expected crowd. They also utilize online monitoring services to evaluate the cash level in real-time and provide refills as necessary.

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