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Why Should Your Restaurant Have an ATM?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Debit and credit cards might be more popular than ever, but cash is still king in several industries, especially restaurants. Giving your customers the ability to access cash on demand can reduce your costs, and might even boost your sales, both of which will help your bottom line. Below are a few reasons every restaurant owner should consider having an ATM on the premises.

3 Benefits of Having an ATM in Your Restaurant

1. Keep Customers in Your Restaurant

Even if your customers pay for their meal with a card, their plans for the rest of the night might require cash. Having an ATM on the premises means your diners won’t have to leave early to find cash, increasing the chances they’ll spend more time at the table and order more drinks or desserts.

2. Draw in New Business

Having an ATM on-site means offering an additional service to your customers without investing in new products or staff. Customers who need cash may choose your place over a competitor if cash is available. They might also come in to use the ATM, then decide to stay and eat.

3. Save Time & Money

Some customers still use checks, which can make preparing your deposits more complicated and time-consuming. Making it easier for your guests to pay in cash may also reduce your credit card processing fees. Over a busy week, this can save your restaurant hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Ensure your customers have access to cash with an ATM from Heath ATMs. Email or call us at (800) 849-3029 for a custom quote.


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