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An ATM in the Workplace? Here are 3 Benefits of Having an On-site ATM

Vacations. Flexible scheduling. Regular work schedules. These are just a few ways to make employees happy. But did you know there is another easy way to put give them a bit of simple satisfaction? Putting an ATM in the break room. As surprising as it may sound, employees love having an ATM in their workplace.

Here are three benefits of having an on-site ATM.

Meet Employee Needs

Over two-thirds (64%) of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. And whether employees are salary or hourly, paid through direct-deposit or prepaid card, financial access is essential to a positive mindset and piece-of-mind. Having an ATM on-site provides employees with easy access to a wide range of financial options.

Even the most basic machine offers easy cash access and account balance checks – two transactions that are especially essential for employees that rely on prepaid cards. Fully banked employees can enjoy the easy cash access as well, letting them grab quick funds for small purchases, budgeting and other needs without the inconvenience of leaving the workplace.

Save Employee (and Business) Time

With bank branches closing left and right, some employees may have a hard time finding a location nearby that can fulfill their financial needs. And visiting a local gas station, grocery or convenience store to use an ATM or grab cash could mean extra time away from work. Checkout lines and traffic can easily cause delays for employees as they attempt to get back to their jobs.

With an on-site ATM, there is no need to leave the workplace to take care of minor financial tasks. Instead, employees can easily access funds on payday or any day without having to change their schedules or risk being late getting back from break.

Keeping Employees Safe

Attacks on consumers are on the rise. Whether it is passwords, credit card numbers, debit card PINs or even in-person attacks criminals are using every avenue they can to gain access to people’s money. Proving an on-site ATM provides an added layer of protection for employees. The steps taken to keep company operations, equipment and employees safe on the job extend to the workplace ATM. So, employees can use the on-site machine with peace-of-mind.

Financial access is a big contribution to employee well-being. An on-site ATM can help employees, but it also helps employers provide a real workplace incentive, keep employees on-site and improving overall workplace safety.

Discover how a workplace ATM can help your business.

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