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How Businesses can Increase ATM Transactions Post-Pandemic

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

As the world settles into the new ‘normal,’ cash is making a remarkable rebound. Today, there is more cash is circulation that in any time in history and U.S. consumers carry more cash in their pocket, purse or wallet than prior to the pandemic. According to the 2021 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice study, the average American now carries $74. That’s $20 more than in 2019.

So, what do these numbers mean for you as a business owner? If you’ve noticed a decrease in traffic at your ATM during the pandemic, it may be time to shift focus and look at how you can increase transactions – and your income.

Use these tips to increase transactions and get your machine working for your business.


Where is your ATM located? Often, vendors place their ATM in a hidden corner of the business, thinking it shouldn’t be “in the way”. However, you should treat the ATM like any of your impulse-buy products: make it the first and the last thing your customers see, and they’ll be much more likely to use it. The aim is to place the ATM in a high-traffic place that’s clearly signposted.

As with any product – and your ATM visibility should be treated as such – testing is key. Try a different location with higher visibility and test the results for a period of time. If you’re not seeing an increase in transactions, it’s time to try somewhere else.


As well as visibility, there are a few additional considerations to take into account when choosing the ideal location for the ATM.

Safety: When customers are accessing your ATM, it’s important they feel safe. Do you have adequate lighting around the ATM? Are the pathways clear? Do you have CCTV monitoring focused on that area? If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, look for another location for your ATM that will keep your customers feeling safe.

Access: How easy it is for someone to access your ATM? If it’s hidden away in a narrow aisle, blocked by items like boxes or display racks or hidden from view at the back of the business, your customers may not know you have an ATM or can’t get to it. Regularly check the ease-of-access of your machine to ensure it meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and customer can easily access it.

Marketing Efforts

Do members of the community know you have an ATM? If you want to increase income by boosting transactions, expanding your marketing efforts should be at the top of your list.

Some of the most effective and affordable methods include signage. Static or backlighted signs in the window and outdoor flags are a very effective ways of alerting consumers you have an ATM. If you sell fuel, adding decals to your pump are another method to advertise the machine.

But perhaps the best way of marketing your ATM is to make it stand out with a customized wrap on the machine. Studies show a wrap, that costs less than $200, can drive traffic to the ATM and therefore increase transactions and revenue.

Limit Downtime

One of the most common reasons for seeing a reduction in traffic at the ATM is that the machine becomes unreliable because it’s routinely out of cash or out of service due to technical errors.

If you are loading cash yourself and doing basic maintenance, using the tools provided by your ATM vendor, such as text and email alerts for low cash and common errors like bill jams, can help you keep the ATM runs smoothly.

If you don’t handle cash loading or maintenance and your ATM is routinely out of service, talk to your ATM vendor and stress the importance of keeping it online and available for customer usage. If the issue isn’t resolved, you may want to contact us about switching ATM providers.

Resolve to increase transactions in the upcoming year by using these simple tips to boost ATM revenue and provide your customers with convenient cash access.

Don’t have an ATM, find out if you qualify for a FREE machine. Not happy with your current vendor? Give us a call at (800) 849-3029 to find out how Heath ATM can help you optimize your ATM and increase income.


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